What is it that we are planting today?


Takudzwa Chikepe

Scripture: Jeremiah 31:31-34

Will you pray with me…

Almighty God, who hast poured upon us the new light of thine incarnate Word; Grand that the same light enkindled in our hearts may shine forth in our lives; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

One day, I visited a friend, relative and village wiseman, after he had lost his wife; to console and comfort him. He was very happy and he felt comforted, for I had last seen him, about the previous year. Him being a philosopher and a spiritual man, we discussed a lot, about everything from culture to politics and religion. In some of his final remarks, he said to me, “It won’t hurt you to grow your dreadlocks back, smoke wisdom weed and follow the cultural steps of your ancestors; for this is who you are and don’t deny yourself to be who you are…” These were intense sentiments! Thus, I thought deep about it and I said to myself, “It is now 6 years in Christ’s calling! Shall I backslide to the traditions of my fathers or continue the journey of Faith and Christ?” I chose to continue with my journey, hence, I said to him, “I now belong to Christ and he will make a way for my life.”

What a life…

God loves us! Although we don’t love him. We act like we love Him, but in our deep actions, we don’t love him. We are always sinning and He keeps on forgiving us. To make matters worse, we are always asking for forgiveness and going back to the same sins, that we try to run away from. Furthermore, we don’t even ask for the forgiveness from sins anymore, as we sometimes live perfectly well in them.

But God is saying to us today, “The days are coming,…when I will make a new covenant with my people”.

The people of Israel and Judah, they were in trouble of Nebuchadnezzar and Babylon; because they had rebelled against God, His law and His prophets; in favour of other gods and ways of life_that were disgusting in the eyes of God. Thus, God punished them and now he is restoring them and He wants them to love Him, to trust in Him and have a relationship with them.

This means, in our lives we have different ways of living! And some of these ways do not please God! As much as, God tries to call us to detach ourselves from these ways is as more as we attach ourselves to those ways. This explains, some of the bad things that happen in our lives. Not because the devil has contributed anything to it, but it is because we are reaping what we sow. The question becomes, “What is it that you are planting today? And what is it that we will reap tomorrow?”

As much as this world has changed and is changing; It is now clear that we are in the planting season. Whatever, we are going to plant today will determine our future for tomorrow. The problem about tomorrow is; whatever is abnormal today, tomorrow it will be very normal; hence to change it will be very abnormal and slowly the truth will come to extinct! Meaning, before we even think deeper; we humans are going to destroy the human race on our own. Before we even blame any other institution of destruction against humanity.

But! In times like this…God wants to have a new covenant with us! A new covenant different from the way we know ourselves_no! From the way we know Him_no! From the way we know this life_no! But a new covenant! A new covenant that will not be broken. Where we will stand firm and say, “We believe in Jesus Christ!” Where we stand firm and say, “Our God is able” and where we stand firm and say, “The Holy Spirit! Will take care of this my day, my yesterday and my tomorrow”. A new covenant, in which we say, “I wish! But I can’t”. Whenever we encounter sins and our weaknesses! God is saying today…This is the covenant! Receive it and receive life in times like this! The perfect renewal of our minds and abundance of blessings engraved in our hearts.

“No longer will they teach their neighbour or say to one another, ‘know the LORD’, because they will all know me, from the least of them to the greatest, declares the LORD“.

The word of the Lord has reached and is reaching all corners of this world, the same way all other information of everything is reaching all ends of this world. We shall know about God, all of us as we will be tempted to know more about everything else that surrounds us. Unlike Adam and Eve, who ended up wanting more than they had! Will we choose God only or we will want more than God?

What we plant today, we shall reap tomorrow!

Whilst, we are sinning against the Lord! Let us stop our system of saying, “Forgive me Lord, in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen”. Let us only be prepared to ask for forgiveness, when we are really ready to leave our sins and live a sinless and sin-free life, forever and ever… Because, what we are planting today will become the normal of tomorrow, until there is no tomorrow. Amen

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