SA premier soccer league given deadline on return of football


THE South African Football Association (SAFA) and other sports bodies have until 26 June 2020 to make submissions to the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture on the staggered opening of professional non-contact sport and professional athletes training.

Last month, Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa announced details of the Directions for Sport, Arts and Culture under the Disaster Management Act No. 57 of 2002.

“The Minister announced the staggered opening of professional non-contact sport and professional athletes training as outlined in the Regulations published on the 28 May 2020.

“The directions which Minister announced, focused primarily on sectoral implications in relation to the government level 3 risk adjustment strategy to be employed in preventing and combating the spread of COVID-19,” the department said on Friday.

As per the gazetted direction by the Minister, the sports bodies have 14 days to submit their plans online with commencement from the 12 June 2020.

The written submissions must further indicate the following:

  • Details of the sport body / organisation applying
  • Details of the public officer of the sport body / organisation applying responsible for overall monitoring and reporting to government on mechanisms to be employed
  • Details of the safety officer / COVID-19 compliance officer responsible for monitoring and implementation of Level 3 safety standards

Sport bodies / organisations when making their applications must further submit / upload copies of the following compulsory compliance documents:

  • Covid-19 operational plan in line with Annexure c
  • Covid-19 Travel Guide Personal Declaration Form
  • Daily screening questionnaire

Sport bodies / organisations must further respond to the following:

  • State of readiness questions
  • The activities timeline and data – focusing on training assumption / non-contact sport official resumption date
  • Venue details – top 10 venues (if applicable) must be listed with the required data in order of priority where the matches will be taking place.

All written submissions must be uploaded on and parties must ensure that all questions in the link are correctly answered.

The gazette can be found on

“Note that all submissions are to reach the department within 14 days (12 – 26 June) 2020 which thereafter, no further submissions will be accepted.

“All professional non-contact sport bodies who intend resuming training and playing may equally submit their plans irrespective of whether or not they appear on Annexure A.  All contact sport bodies for professional athletes who intend resuming training may equally submit their plans irrespective whether they appear on Annexure B,” the department said. –


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