Introducing Zeptagram


Onkemetsi Dube

Music is a passion, calling or an art. Music can raise someone’s mood, get them excited, or make them calm and relaxed. Music also allows listeners to feel nearly or possibly all emotions that they experience in their lives. Musicians always have their fans or listeners in mind when composing their songs.

Music is now a profession. Many musicians support their families through music and this has been happening for ages. Unfortunately, with the invention of internet piracy of songs became the order of the day. Musicians nowadays are not getting enough from their hard work but thumbs up to Telos Blockchain Network for introducing applications such as Zeptagram, a block chain-based trading platform where music intellectual property (IP) rights owners can tokenise their assets.

With Zeptagram, artists register their songs and determine the percentage of rights they are selling and its price and the song rights information is encoded on the blockchain. Wylie Jeanz is one of the few Zimbabwean musicians who are registered with Zeptagram.

Wylie Jeanz is a 38-year-old artist who was born and bred in Highfields, Harare. Jeanz is a contemporary artist who believes in motivating people through his music, a very versatile artist. In a recent interview, Jeanz said he started realising his singing talent at just 12.

“I was not inspired by anyone to do music; it is something that is inside of me though I emulate plenty of artistes now,” said Jeanz.

“I love music with meaning, soul type,” he added.

He has four albums that are yet to be released. Musicians face different challenges and Jeanz said that exposure and finances are some the challenges that he is facing. But with Zeptagram in the picture, he is happy that his problems will soon be history.

“Zeptagram is cool because you can realise value for your music and I trust God for my music to reach out to plenty in five years’ time,” said Jeanz.

Telos Blockchain Network is a leading smart contract platform built on top of EOSIO software that was published by BlockOne in June 2018. The Telos Blockchain is one of the most scalable and technically advanced public blockchains.

A vast variety of applications have already built on telos, including social media, gaming and finance, totalling thousands of users and transactions daily. Team TelosZim is marketing and promoting the Telos blockchain Network. TelosZim is currently developing and establishing different communities and relationships throughout the greater Telos Network, working with projects such as SEED’s and Zeptagram, EZAR and many more.

Jeanz urged upcoming artists to remain humble, persevere and be the best version of themselves in composing their songs.


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  1. Actor says

    This is, a great article giving insight into recognising performing artists especially with emphasis on music as income generating career. Good for motivation. A motivated people can do wonders…thank you so much for your efforts to lift the spirit of the youth and performing artists at large…

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