Famo musician Thulo Motau was killed to conceal Lipolelo murder evidence-Mojakhomo


…Maesaiah staffer says former first lady confessed to killing Lipolelo

…says she delivered multiple payments meant for Lipolelo’s killers from Maesaiah

Thato Thulo

Famo musician, Thulo Motau, was killed on 18 February 2019 to conceal evidence that could link former first lady Maesaiah Thabane to the murder of her rival, Lipolelo three years ago.

This revelation is made by Maesaiah’s former worker, ‘Makarabo Mojakhomo in her affidavit filed with the courts in a bid to block her former employer’s bail application.
‘Maesaiah is currently locked up in the Maseru Female Prison awaiting trial and eventually a murder trial after she was named as the key suspect in the 14 June 2017 execution of Lipolelo.

She is co-accused with her husband, former prime minister Thomas Thabane.

In her bail application, ‘Maesaiah claims Thabane is on the verge of death hence she petitions the court to release her so that she can render care for her husband.

Mojakhomo was in 2018 arrested for allegedly embezzling R200 000 from the ‘Maesaiah Thabane Trust Fund. She then mysteriously disappeared from police custody sparking fears that she could have been murdered.

She later surfaced in South Africa claiming that she was abducted from police cells with the assistance of some police officers. She said her abductees intended to murder her but she ended up escaping.

She has now joined the list of people who are providing evidence to nail ‘Maesaiah in her murder trial. Just on Wednesday, the police revealed an elaborate plan hatched by Thabane and ‘Maesaiah that involved the former premier physically showing assasins Lipolelo’s house.

The police also revealed that the assasins were allegedly promised R3 million for the job.

The plan was to ensure Lipolelo died before Thabane’s inauguration for his second term in office in June 2017. The assassins allegedly tried and failed to kill her on 12 June 2017 but the plan failed and she reported the matter at Maseru Rural Police Headquarters.

Thomas Thabane and Maesaiah Thabane.

However, two days later, they waylaid Lipolelo on her way from Ficksburg where she had gone to meet an intermediary negotiating a truce between herself and ‘Maesaiah.

Lipolelo died on the spot while  Thato Sibolla, who was in her company survived with injuries.

And in an affidavit filed with the courts on Sunday, Mojakhomo, who had remained in South Africa since 2018 fearing a threat in her life by ‘Maesaiah, said Motau was killed to conceal evidence linking the former first lady with Lipolelo’s murder.

According to her affidavit, Mojakhomo was tasked with delivering money for paying Lipolelo’s killers several times to Motau.

“I aver that for more than five times, I gave money to Thulo Motau who is now deceased. He was murdered. It is said that he is part of the people who was killed in order to bury evidence because dead men tell no tales.

“I vividly remember that on the third occassion,  I took an amount of R65 000 to give to Motau. I know the figure because I went home with the money as I did not have a car. On the following day Motau came in his own car and I gave him the money.

“I compensated myself and took R10 000 as commission because I was not being paid for all these occassions when I delivered money.

“I aver that ‘Maesaiah Thabane got to know that I did not give Motau the full amount. She then summoned me to her place in Makhoakhoeng where upon arrival she scolded and insulted me,” said Mojakhomo.

She said ‘Maesaiah even told her bluntly that the money she was delivering to the musician was compensation for Lipolelo’s killers.

“She then asked me if I knew how she got the status of the First Lady of Lesotho and whether I knew that Motau was dangerous. She went on to ask me whether I wanted to die like Lipolelo.

“It is then that she told me that she was paying for the murder of Lipolelo as Motau and others were hired to kill Lipolelo,” reads part of Mojakhomo’s affidavit.

“From that moment onwards, I got to know why I was being sent to deliver differing sums of money to Motau. I must inform the court that I did not admit to ‘Maesaiah to have taken the R10 000, she then told me that the money was coming from a Chinese (national) at Industrial Area in Maseru, called David.

“She said she had never counted the money but had requested R65 000 and gave it to me as was.

“I aver that I transported money for the fourth occassion. It was R120 000 and we counted it with her and she told me to take R2 000 for transport.”

Mojakhomo says on the fifth time, she refused to deliver the money without getting her own share. This allegedly infuriated ‘Maesaiah.

“She was so angry that she was at the brink of assaulting me physically.”

Mojakhomo says she told ‘Maesaiah that she had recorded all their conversations and days later, she was summoned to the Police Headquarters by a police officer named Lebajoa.

She allegedly told Lebajoa that she could not go to the police station as she was taking a sick person to the hospital but was then told that officers would meet her at the hospital.

“He called again to tell me that his police officers were already waiting for me at the gate and I did not show up.”
It is then that she called ‘Maesaiah never to dare threaten her when she knew her secrets about her role in Lipolelo’s killing.

“She was angry and started insulting me and told me not to threaten her.”

Mojakhomo immediately left for Gauteng, in South Africa to her sister’s place. The sister then engaged a lawyer on her behalf in Ladybrand named Attorney Leon Mare. Mare then took her to the Police Headquarters in Maseru where she was immediately detained.

“On the same Tuesday that I was detained, ‘Maesaiah arrived with ‘Mamotsie Motsie and I was called in Lebajoa’s office, who was in the duo’s company.”

‘Maesaiah allegedly started hurling insults at her.
“She told me that I was poor and hunger struck when she found me and she had made me a decent person.”

Motsie also asked why Mojakhomo had betrayed ‘Maesaiah by recording her. At that point, Lebajoa ordered that Mojakhomo be returned to her cell as the women were making too much noise.

“He handed me over to a police woman, Thoola and a male police officer Seutloali. They left with me to their downstairs office.

“I must indicate that the police ended up by handing me over to people who kidnapped me. The purpose was to have me killed. I am going to pursue a case against ‘Maesaiah and the police for attempted murder, murder of the child I was pregnant with when I had a miscarriage during the unlawful detention, kidnapping, conspiracy to kill me, defeating the hands of justice and human trafficking.”

Mojakhomo alleges that she was handed over to her kidnappers by police woman Thoola who was working with other police officers from the headquarters. She however says Thoola could not have been working alone.

“I believe her life (Thoola’s) is in danger as well as she may expose other people,” concluded Mojakhomo.

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