A computer will never outclass me


Today, I was really hungry! I really wanted to write a Poem, but I didn’t have any in my inspiration. I thought of writing about aliens then I wasn’t inspired enough. Then the word “computer” came into my mind. I started to think of people complaining that their jobs are being taken away by machines; then also thought that there was a chess guy who was defeated in the game of chess by a computer 👨🏾‍💻 😅! Instantly, I was inspired to write the Poem below:

Ladies and Gentlemen…#enjoy.

The computer will never outclass me!

When it comes to Poetry!

Poetry is my Gift that God has given

Me! Even before I was formed in

My mother’s womb, like



I prophesy in Poetry! I give life in

Poetry! And even explain the

Past in articulation, exactly

As it happened!

…In Poetry!

Provided! You computer, don’t have

The sense of smell! You will not

Outclass me!


Provided! You computer, don’t have

A soul! You will not outclass me!

And_Provided! You computer, don’t

Have a Spirit! You will not

Outclass me!


…I am smarter than you, when it

Comes to Poetry!


All words you can take from us and

Fabricate them to your best


But guess what! You will never be as

Intelligent as what people can’t be!


You are just a product of our being…

And the best, people can be!


Unlike, Garry Kasparov! Perhaps the

Greatest chess player in history…

You defeated in your, Deep Blue

Mental capacity…


Computer! You will never outclass me!


Because, Poetry is not man_made or

A game. But! A Gift from God.


In Shona we say, “Ndatopedza newe”

Computer! You will never outclass

Me! When it comes to Poetry.


And don’t even think of a collaboration

With me! Because we are like an

Untamed jungle that was

Never discovered!


Will we not discover you?

I think, we have discovered you

In time enough to place you, exactly…


Where you belong! Because there will

Always be a difference between

Computers and people.


And when it comes to Poets! We are

The heritage of humanity and

The human race…



You will never outclass me

When it comes to Poetry


Because when it comes to you…

It is only_garbage in and garbage out!



“Computer! You will never outclass me! When it comes to Poetry”


*VaChikepe: The Poet (c)*

#Inspired by: My Gift Of Poetry

#Photo By: Ben Masikati (Norton)

*Latest Book: Mental Gymnastics*





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